Smart Work? Smart TwomonAir!




  TwomonAir is an app that turns your iPad and tablets into dual monitors.

TwomonAir allows you to increase your productivity with editing documents, watching videos, and so much more!




 TwomonAir provides remote access.

TwomonAir provides remote access through Wi-fi, 3G network, LTE network so that you can access your computer from anywhere you want.

(3G, LTE network connection is only available for IOS.We are going to update for Android soon.)




TwomonAir supports touch screen interface on your device.

You can still use your touch screen interface on your iPads, tablets, and smartphones.




TwomonAir allows you to control sound with your smart phone.

You can use your smarphones as speakers with the sound display function, even if you don’t have an internal speaker on your computer!



main_05TwomonAir features other various functions.

TwomonAir features built-in utilities including keyboard function, joystick, numeric keypad, note pad, calculator, and etc. Twomon can add tremendous amount of new capabilities to your device!


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